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Accomodation Rules

  Using, reserving with this site means you have accepted the terms and the conditions of the agreementbelow.Please investigate the terms and conditions before you make any reservations.

  1. The terms of Using the Website : Using this site allows you to make reservations and book rooms for yourselves.This site has been developed by Reis Tourism and Organization Limited Cooperation, all rights reserved. Illegal duplication, recreation, distribution, using in other means is strictly prohibited. Turkey Ski Hotels.com has the only authorization to do al changes. Hotel Reservation and Confirmation Document Request is free. Paid in time, your room will be booked. You' ll be able to cancel or change the reservation only with your Confirmation Document. If no payment is charged until the acceptable dates the client will be accepted as renounced and Cancellation rules will be applied. In circumstances of the client's not showing up in the hotel and can not be reached anyway, the room will be waited from the 1st day of the reservation till the day after, it is going to be cancelled if the client's can not be reached still.the client can not act oppositely.

  2. Conditions of Cancellation
: With proving a cause 15 days ago from the arrival to the hotel, 50 % of the total amount is purchased. But in occasions of not showing up less than 15 (14-0) from the date of arrival, or not showing up without a cause the total amount will be refund by Piri Reis Travel. This amount will be confiscated by Piri Reis Travel for 60 days, regarding the client's date of departure. When No-show fine is billed to Piri Reis Travel this amount + 5 % of cost allowance will be charged and the rest will be refund.

      Important Notice : Except of these conditions, we are not responsible for the amount charged by the hotel as we are mediator between hotels and clients.This amount can only be decided by the hotel to be or not to be paid. The amount you have paid us will be refund in 60 days.

  3. Terms of Reservation Changes : 2,5 % of the total amount will be charged by Piri Reis Travel in changes of hotel, date, name, etc. after the definite Confirmation Registry.

  4. Accomodation Rates : All hotel prices given in this site are indicated to the daily exact values of YTL (New Turkish Lira) in the time of definite reservation, foreign exchange rates, vehicles, and rates of the establishment. All aditions in rates or taxes, or new taxes introduction and all the supplements caused by these additions will be paid by the client. You don't have the right to act oppositely.

  5. Children Discounts : Children Discounts can take place when the children or the child stay in their parents room as 3rd and 4th of company. Infants aged between 0 - 2 years are commonly free but this varies to hotels.

  6. Compelling Reasons : Piri Reis Travel has the right to transfer it's clients to other hotels, to change the departure and arrival times of the tranfers, to change the transporters, to change the hotels (the nearest option of the required) even if without informing the client in compelling reasons like fire, draft, earthquake, and all kinds of natural disasters and very randomly heard the misunderstanding of the hotel. In individual operations and in only hotel reservations, date and / or the client can be changed under these compelling reasons but the client wil surely be informed.

  7. Principals of Accomodation Services : Piri Reis Travel is a mediator between transporters, hotels, clients and taking great care in mentioned establishment's service qualities.We can not be kept responsible in compelling reasons like strike, political or protest march, natural disaster, technical problems, etc.,even though Piri Reis Travel will do the best he can to help.

  8. Conditions of Losses and Defaults : Also in this manner Turkey Ski Hotels.com can not be kept responsible no matter what causes and no matter how it results all the supplement and obligations caused by losses, accidents, defaults with or without third parties.

  9. Visa Support Service : You need to apply to Turkey Ski Hotels.com at least 16 days before the departure date with valid passports (at least 6 months) and required documents, if you ask for visa support. Turkey Ski Hotels.com wiil not be responsible for the visa and passports handled less than 16 days.In cases of failure in visa application, all No-show fine and transfers payments will be charged from the client.

  10. Transfer Delays : All flights, ferry, bus and train departure shedules are regulated by official foundations of the mentioned vehicles. All transfers and / or hotel reservation's subcharges due to delays are charged from the client.

  11. Conditions of Extra Services : All extra charges of personal needs (extra meals, alcoholic drinks, changing the accomodation, etc.) must be paid by the client.

  12. Principals of Accomodation : Though we are trying our best to help you transmit your request to hotel, we can not guarantee you if the hotel will fulfil your needs. The rooms will not be handed over till 14:00 at the arrival date and clients are responsible in handing overthe room at 12:00 at the departure date. Clients who don't check out in the required time will be kept responsible for paying the fine of non-acceptable check out delays in 1 weeks time. If this fine is not paid in a week, the client has no right to act oppositely but pay also 15 % plus for delayed fine and all the subcharges.

  13. Conditions of Reservation Defaults : Turkey Ski Hotels.com can not be kept responsible in reservation defaults, our clients must check the date, name, etc. on the Confirmation Document.

  14. Terms of Disagreement : Antalya Lawcourt and Execution Offices are authorized in terms of disagreement.

  15. Terms of Registiration Acceptance : In any kind of differences in the Turkey Ski Hotels.com and the client's Confirmation Documents, Turkey Ski Hotels.com documents and records wiil be valid only.

  16. Terms of Agreement Resolution : The names stated in the agreement are approved as accepting the terms of the agreement with reading all 16 topics (even if the reservation process and licence is signed by a third party) and staying in the hotel and paying with the credit card.


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